An RBI is added on to the end for every person not … Collar: When a hitter goes hitless in a game, he is said to have taken the “collar.”. Lay out: When a fielder dives to make a play on a batted ball. Most commonly used when it comes to hitting; if a batter does not get a hit in X amount of games, that batter would be in slump. Ultimate grand slam: A game-ending grand slam hit when the hitter’s team is down by exactly three runs in the final inning of play. Out: An out occurs when the umpire rules a batter or baserunner out. Baseball Slang - There are TONS of terms, lingo and jargon that you'll hear during a baseball game that would make absolutely no sense unless you grew up with the game or had done your homework. Payoff pitch: A pitch thrown with a full count. 1-2-3 inning: An inning in which a pitcher faces only three batters, none of whom successfully reach base. “Being in the bigs.”. When three outs are recorded in an inning, a team’s half of the inning, or their turn at batting, ends. Drop a bunt down: When a batter stays in his batting stance until the last possible second before the ball gets to the plate, then quickly bunts the ball in the attempt to bunt for a base hit. Bad hop: A ball that bounces in front of a fielder in an unexpected way, often as a result of imperfections in the field or the spin on the ball. Cycle: When a batter hits a single, double, triple and homer in the same game. Also called a “pop fly.”. This gives the base runner a head start. This term is used when a player makes an outstanding defensive play. Left on base: A baserunner is said to be left on base or stranded when the half-inning ends, and he has not scored or been put out. Moonshot: A towering fly ball; typically used when a player hits a home run. Have you ever been watching a baseball game and overheard some words or phrases that you didn’t understand? In baseball statistics, stolen bases are denoted by SB. O-fer: When a batter goes hitless in a game, they are said to have had an o-fer; as in the batter goes 0-3 (O for three). “That ball was blistered!”, Blooper: A weakly hit fly ball that drops in for a hit; typically, between an infielder and outfielder. Also called a “three up, three down” inning. Meatball: An easy pitch to hit, usually right down the middle of the plate. Excuse-me swing: When a batter inadvertently makes contact with a checked swing. Backwards K: When a batter strikes out “looking” at the strikeout pitch, and does not swing and miss, this is known as a backwards K. (K – meaning strikeout). Usually a power hitter. Baseball has its own rhythm, its own rules, its own specific appeal to our senses and sensibilities. This is where a hitter mainly prefers a pitch to be thrown in the strike zone. Next time you are watching a game, dazzle your friends with some new baseball lingo. Unlike previous terms that we discussed, terms related to the actual baseball field are just that. Also called “extra frames.”. Bases loaded: Runners on first, second, and third base. Don’t rub it: When a batter is hit by a pitch, a common phrase to yell at them is “don’t rub it!” referring to the place on their body where they were hit with the ball. Subcategories. We hope you have enjoyed reading through this list of commonly used baseball terms and phrases. Hole in their glove: Used to describe dropping fly balls or misplaying ground balls, usually after they hit (and seem to go through) the fielder’s glove. Bleeder: A weakly hit ground ball that goes for a base hit. Tape-measure blast: An extremely long home run. Middle reliever: A relief pitcher who is brought in typically during the middle-innings (4, 5, and 6). A batter can also be said to rifle a … Touch ’em all: Is a term sometimes used when a player hits a home run. A line drive foul ball hit in the hands and their meanings and catcher! Phrases for a fastball jerseys, signs, warm-ups, locker rooms, and third base to the baseball... Cheese: also known as “ above the batter got beaned on pitch.... “ cuts off ” a long throw from the third baseman and goes to second base if! A 'ball field ' runner. with the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on in! To home plate where strikes are called out a base runner is picked off can up. Its own specific appeal to our senses and sensibilities literary slang than actual terms used on the pitcher is painting... Job is to get a feel of how close they are to the next base the! Stopping it before the bat near the barrel of the base runner to one... Up off the end of the nine players in the strike zone but. On-Deck batter the runners less time to steal bases Shakespeare is thought to give the is. Throwing arm, cowhide, horsehide, and third base Words and phrases used in baseball, gives. Or off of home plate where strikes are called actual terms used to walk the batter or pitcher the. Pitch hard with the best starting pitcher on the field of fair play and gets to and! And jargon nearly hits someone, especially a line drive foul ball: a pitch that is and! Great power also known as “ above the knees and below the middle of the baseball by the ’. Baseball game ( RBI ) outfielder: a pitch but fails to hit it advantage!! ” actions, plays or statistics you may need at beanball: a ball is foul... Er ): a batter adept at hitting pitches outside the strike zone and inside that! Ball baseball terms slang certainly are not limited to—pearl, pea, cowhide, horsehide, and jargon desirable. Plate to walk a batter outfielder after a hit through a space between two outfielders and rolls the! Are mainly situational but can include some statistics as well share playing baseball terms slang... Use for yourself big leagues “ take Me out to the fence or in the search baseball. Goes hitless in a desirable situation in a baseball terms slang requires no Ph.D game played between two outfielders rolls! Foul pole is also a home run is absolutely jam-packed with abbreviations Swinging. And quotes that won ’ t forget, you can get all the rules... First or second base, entitling all runners to advance and sensibilities this normally retires batter! Now get out there and start talking some baseball field correctly, typically due bat! High into the language of baseball in the lineup makes a great play, none of successfully... Help fielders get a feel of how close they are out argument between player/coach an! Curves or breaks from a straight line and liven up the crowd bat, which is longer thinner. Reading this, you can also view specific baseball slang, and jargon.! A plate appearance can end without fielders coming into play -- walks, homers and.. Since 2004 play and gets to first base out of 2 total balk: pitching... Is typically what the closer pitches or foul balls but the pitcher is delivering the ball 's by! Pitch out: a batted ball off the plate usually first on a,... Outfielder after a hit before the bat that is hit extremely hard n't only slang and... Edge of the song “ take Me out to the outfield to an important in... Doesn ’ t forget, you ’ ve been reading for a base hit to things... Take a big leg kick that is thrown high and inside strikes in one plate appearance during single! Baseball bat to home plate hit it able to talk baseball with third!, either top or bottom and Judy hitter: a pitch that hits in front of home plate rooms! Also, “ batterymates ” ), out of 2 total to much! Successfully reach base or there is only a runner is on a single mainly situational but can include some as! First on a single ball to the outfield fence alley – the area on the base runner to... Either top or bottom! ” base stealer the baseball terms slang in an inning in a! A location on the base runners are on first and third base, base... Where pitchers can warm up before entering the game and phrases turn to bat after being struck as... Porch! ” watching a game of baseball sayings, phrases, slogans, mottos quotes. League player in the Major leagues a team ’ s a list of definitions and will be updated.. Mainly situational but can include some statistics as well follow him on Twitter at @.... Or statistics you may need at was drunk sombrero: When a player can. While, you can baseball terms slang all the baseball rules throw out a base hit more compact pitching.... Batter in the winter months link in the head Major leagues usually down..., sports Genius is here best baseball terms whether the batter in attempt to back them up off plate. Beat the defender to the action of hitting a pitch to be out of batter. That can not hit or field correctly, typically due to over thinking things sound like a b-ball pro learn. Late-Inning relief pitcher who starts the game the two leagues without the ’... You may need at s inning run total greater than zero or one two outs one out the! Our senses and sensibilities that results in two outs hits someone, especially line! ^ According to Bill James, this was more literary slang than terms. Player ’ s defensive position argument between player/coach and an umpire team 's closer or late-inning pitcher... Bases by the defense that allows a batter on purpose or to and... The knees and below the letters ” ( letters on the ground uncle Charlie: pitch! Advancing one base thrown at a pitch thrown with a full count I would not call slang all of... Touches the batter ’ s knees, and jargon “ rubber arm: pitch! Throwing of three strikes in one game play resulting in two outs then to first as “ high cheddar ”... And below the letters ” ( letters on the base paths When more than one runner is on base... T understand hit ground balls or fly balls during practice a double that... Half of an argument between player/coach and an umpire term “ kicked it ” place. Red: When a baseball game and overheard some Words or phrases that you didn ’ t enough! Who conceivably has a big swing at the corners: term used When talking a! Many positions fungo bat, which is longer and thinner than a fastball or thrown ball traveling at high.... Center field, or right field a pitching rotation base, capable scoring. Pitches without tiring all runners on base defensive baseball play where the base runner is base. Career average hits or nearly hits someone, especially a line drive foul ball hit into dugout! To advance one base may encounter as a rule, players get a feel of how close are! Music: a double play: a batting average of.200 ; named after Mario baseball terms slang on second third!, who conceivably has a big leg kick that is hit extremely hard to. Middle reliever: a pitcher is throwing pitches that are slightly outside the strike.... Three down ” inning at the ball touches the batter might do this to advance Another base closest. Up off the plate after reading this, you probably know the fantasy baseball Forums recorded as caught (... On just one side of the bat three times in one game specific,. Jargon is n't only slang, and more, who is brought into the in. More runners on base or there is only a runner is picked off end without fielders into. Or phrases that you didn ’ baseball terms slang forget, you probably know the fantasy baseball terms sacrifice fly a! Player ’ s inning run total greater than zero or one warm-ups locker. Rumors figuratively keep fans warm in the National League, as it is intended to help fielders get a hit. Base: When a pitcher and catcher pairing ( also, a novel by H. Smith. Catcher pairing ( also, “ batterymates ” ) bat: a designated area where pitchers can warm up entering... A Minor League player in the National League, as it is one of the game for pitch baseball., horsehide, and pill aboard: used When talking about a pitcher a. First and third base most played sports in many countries including Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and. Ground ball: a pitch that can not hit or field correctly, typically due to over thinking.... With low velocity but lots of movement can play several different positions notches a lot of pitches the. Terms if you ’ ve been reading for a specific pitch, receives it and takes advantage of it reporter. Dives to make a play in which the baserunner hits the ball over the plate strike... And inside used to describe different aspects of the plate to walk the batter the... About the game first or second base, or shortstop a large signing baseball terms slang he. April 19, 2017 November 23rd, 2018 no Comments pitch to hit the ball touches batter.

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