You can often get small ‘taster sets’ of different mediums so you have have a play to see which one suits your style the best. It ended up being a little cool looking. ANYWAYS, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP ON PAINTING. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Is this a “no-no”? Would you ever mix a medium and a gel? I appreciate that you take out time to answer all the questions. I am wondering if soft gel medium or regular gel medium would be better. ALSO, THAT U CAN LAYER WITH IT. Cheers, Will. Hi Silvia, I personally haven’t tried it but would imagine it would have a longer drying time, you could ask Golden technical department to be sure. HA! Is it ok if I use soft gel instead of glazing liquid? A couple of questions, please. You can read more here: 3 reasons why artists varnish their work (and why some artists don’t), Many thanks Will – that’s great. is this correct? A few drops in your paint can aid with a more flowing line if you’re painting in more of a watercolour style. But I’m still not sure what to use in order to achieve what I want; which is basically a dripping effect, but the mixture has to be consistent enough so it doesn’t run out of the canvas, like a 3d dripping. I AM NEW TO YOUR WEBSITE AND AM ENJOYING IT IMMENSELY. When your painting is finished it is best to apply an isolation coat first, and then you can apply a spray varnish. I want to paint the bottle green, translucent and with a slight shine/gloss so that you can still see the contents of the bottle. Nap time painter, great idea! What it will do is add texture to your piece but won’t make the white ‘pop’. Cheers, Will. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Mediums are pourable and used to thin out paints and give the Acrylics extra working time for blending…. Thinned with glazing medium standard acrylic will be less powerful, just like if you were thinning them with water. Gels are made from the binder that is used in the creation of acrylic paints – an acrylic polymer. Does the Acrylic glazing liquid gloss slow the drying time at all? 2) Reading and listening to your material on this – i was then thinking that the surface of an acrylic painting will be patchy in terms of glossy and not so glossy areas. i put two layers on (waited 24 hrs) in between) and noticed it’s not even and feels lumpy. Hi Sharon, yes you can combine the two paints, you don’t need the OPEN mediums, although they will keep them OPEN for longer. OTHER PROTECTIVE CLOTHING OR EQUIPMENT: None required under normal use. Cheers, Will. I don’t personally know of anyway to ‘reactivate a gel’ some of the more recent ‘open acrylics’ from Golden can be worked into again once they are dry but most of the gels and mediums dry by evaporation so as soon as they have been exposed to the air and have dried hard can’t be diluted again. Here’s a video demo, the video also shows ‘acrylic fluid paints’ which can also be dripped. Thank you Leigh Barry USA, Hi Leigh, when working with gels you can either apply the gel first to create texture and then paint on top or mix with the acrylics and then paint with that. Sign up now to get the latest posts, news about products & art inspiration, straight to your inbox, How to Loosen up your Acrylic Paintings – Impressionistic Apples Tutorial, Acrylic Painting Tutorial – Fishing Boats in St Ives Harbour, New! A Thick Gel That Imparts A Translucent Matte Sheen When Dry. Cheers, Will. Thank you so much! How to use Acrylic gel medium in paintings tutorial - YouTube I also sent Louise an email. Now, how much of GAC should I put into the mixture? I also wish that I could find out more information from the artist, as I think she is fantastic, but she is 89 years old and I can’t get anywhere on her website, so she may be retired from the art world. Use a palette knife to apply 1-2 coats, with each coat 1/16"-1/8" thick, allowing the first coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next (approximately 24-48 hours) However, when I rub off with the damp cloth all of the paper comes off. Hi Gloria, Yes, you can mix retarder and water to spray onto your paints. Is it my canvas that is the problem? :), Hi Ria, I wouldn’t personally use a water soluble medium under an oil painting as the thinners used with the oil painting will disturb the underlying layer. Would I apply a soft gel mixed with the diamond dust? Fluidity without spread is a tricky one, as the effect is often achieved using resins, which have a resin and a hardener that have to be mixed together. I would use a ‘glazing liquid gloss’ for the transparent bottle and a ‘heavy gel’ for the textured piece. What medium would be the best to use in order to achieve this effect? Hi Will you are so knowledgeable. Or can I just use mod podge for the fabric & paper and tacky gkue or fabri tac for the buttons & beads? If not what would work? Hi, i am new to here and to ‘art’. Thanks for this interesting article. I normally use glossy glazing liquid by Golden to scumble/glaze thin layers of paint. Clear of course, but consistency and finish would be? Or is there a better alternative? Just paint it straight on, swirl with a pallet knife and you’ll be away! Under normal use you wouldn’t normally need to wear a mask or cover your hands, here are the Safety Guidelines from Golden Paints: SECTION 8 – EXPOSURE CONTROL/PERSONAL PROTECTION. I added a little bit to my paint for a project that I was working on and like the results I got. Or is the isolation coat not necessary? The Golden varnishes and mediums are all manufactured to archival standards. Hi Valerie, if it’s gone solid there isn’t anyway of revitalising it. Other gels have been specifically designed to level out and will never be able to stay in a fixed shape. “…but it wouldn’t be used in replace of a retarder.” Does it just not extend it as long? The area where the Transfer is to be set is coated, then the image is placed face down and burnished with a bone folder or back of a spoon. It is surprisingly sticky and is also available as a Matte medium. How to get the best color blends with Acrylic Gouache. I am a volume framer not an artist. If conditions warrant, a vapor respirator for protection against ammonia may be used. Thank you, Lori, Hi Lori, have you managed to create the effect you’re after with a self levelling gel on a small scale? They have excellent flexibility and resistance to chemicals, water, abrasion and ultraviolet radiation. There are paints that are formulated specifically for painting on glass, this website has a list of some of the glass painting options available. It didn’t cover the metal uniformly either. If the paper is very thin you might get slight buckling. Hi Jim, yes, the Acrylic glazing medium slows down the drying slightly. Is it possible to use too many layers? Hi! Thanks! I am using it as an adhesive and also as a top coat sealer. Can I or better ask is there any moulding paste with no color? My local art store was stumped. There won’t be any harm in sanding it if it’s to create a rough texture for your painting. Buy Liquitex Matte Acrylic Gel Medium-8Oz from Walmart Canada. Gently lift a corner of the image and peel off. Cheers, Will. I was wondering if I can apply gel medium to an acrylic painting after is has dried to further embellish the brush strokes, making them more pronounced, the way they are often added to a digital photo? Hi Gabi, gel medium can work well for papers and thin fabric but I haven’t personally tried with heavier objects such as buttons and beads. Hope this helps. Cheers, Will, Hi Will, I work with wine corks to create what I hope to be long lasting pieces of art. WORKS WELL ON BUTTONS ALSO. Sue. Using a medium, such as glazing medium, you can work with thin layers that don’t run, but still have a glass like finish. Embrace your creativity and explore your artistic spirit with the addition of gel mediums to your acrylic painting projects. ANY TIPS OUT THERE HOW TO GET OIL TO DRY FASTER? I want to do a craft project on small canvas panels to stick cutouts of fabric, stock paper, beads and buttons. Turns satin paint to a dead matte finish with absolutely no sheen, Extends your heavy body paints by up to double volume without affecting acrylic stability, viscosity or color position - ideal when running out of a color mid painting, Maintains opacity levels better than any other Liquitex gel, Increases viscosity of fluid paints, giving a thicker consistency, Slows drying time and enhances appearance of brush marks, Maintains durability and archival quality, Fully intermixable with all Liquitex products, Can be thinned by diluting with up to 25% water - distilled water will give best results, Mix up to 50% into acrylic color to keep color and opacity the same (more than 50% will act as a pale tinting white). I would go for a Matte varnish after the painting is finished. Hope this helps, Hi Will! is there a way to ‘dilute’ ‘reconstitute the mediums like soft gel ,matte and reguular gel for instance. No matter how I’ve applied it (how much/how little, back supports, quick troweling/spreading, etc) it seems to never settle to an even level. Would adding a layer of Golden soft gel (matte) medium seal the canvas before painting and also give a smoother surface for painting fine lines, etc? This still seems sticky long after it has dried, what do I use to stop this? Hope this helps. Thanks for your help and all your information! To be completely sure you can contact Louise direct here. HOW TO MIX WITH ACRYLICS? My question is this “Will a gloss gel medium add texture and a sort of 3D effect to the petals of the rose if I use a palette knife to shape the medium and then paint it my final color and the shading area color?” Please help as I have to have this done by the 16th of April for her birthday. One painting I want is of a glass bottle with an object inside. I didn’t use mod podge at all. But what I want is to add texture to the finished painting. Do you have any thoughts? Thanks so much Lynda. Save this search. You can use Soft Gel Gloss to extend the paint and the drying time slightly. I love the transparency. Do you use retarder in your water spray at all? I’d start with 1:1 and see how it feels for the effect you’re after. W, I want to embed plant material into acrylic paint, onto canvas and then also paint over it. Hi Jennifer, I haven’t personally used the delta ceramcoat medium, but looks like its designed for transparent stain effects. Winsor & Newton are a great brand, I use them in my acrylics as well. Hi Will, your videos have been really helpful as I’ve come back to painting after a while. Any ideas? What do you suggest for this? Maybe a diamond/glitter ethereal affect I hope to achieve. Not if you’re using acrylics as most boards come pre-primed, you might find this article interesting. I have tried soft gel matte medium, and most recently heavy gloss gel medium. Thanks Judy, Hi Judy, I would go for a satin finish, that would give you a nice sheen, but also give a uniformity to the piece. Wow you are a wealth of information, thank you for that! It can be tricky to get that even gloss/glass-like finish on such a large scale, but if the gel achieves the effect on a smaller piece it gives you room to test consistency and flow/levelling properties. I use the Micron pens myself but haven’t personally tried a Golden gel over the top. Kiran, Hi Kiran, pleased you’ve been finding the videos helpful, yes you can intermix gels and mediums to try and create the perfect flow. You don’t mention it in this article about mediums…so I was wondering how it compares to the ones you mentioned. Am I right in thinking that using GOLDEN Soft Gel Matte will solve this? You could call me a nap time painter because when my youngest is napping is when I have the time and energy. I would like to thank you for offering these videos I so desperately needed. I AM GOING TO TRY ON SOME ROUND ONES ALSO. I have been using the “Liquitex- gloss heavy gel” for collage. This thins the paint consistency from the tube (using GOLDEN heavy body acrylics) yet creates the perfect consistency for my initial ‘lay in’ stage of the painting. I know they sell this for oils but I want to know if I could use the water soluble white under an oil painting, Thanks so much. An isolation coat helps to separate your painting from a final varnish layer and protect your painting from the atmosphere. Hi Carol, the soft gel usually sets on quite hard, I haven’t personally tried removing from a collage as it’s often used as a glue for collaging papers together. if I mix soft gel gloss with my paint (heavy body acrylic) and paint the under coat, what is the ratio of soft gel gloss to paint? You should have a look at my Absolute Beginners Acrylic Painting Course, teaching you classical painting techniques with the modern medium of acrylics. Liquitex Acrylic Mediums are made from 100% acrylic polymer emulsion, and form durable films when dry. Hi Lin, if the medium is too thick you just need to add some water to the mix, stir it together and try pouring it again until you get a nice flow. What product do you recommend I use to achieve perfect lines/shapes? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Quinzcrridone Red Orange 12LIQ1045110 Liquitex Acrylic 59 ml. I worry there may be some chemical reaction with the Mod Podge! I am using acrylic pouring technic and I ve been trying different brand (pebeo, liquitex, golden) but once the paint dries, it looses its volume and consistancy, the relief of the lower layer appear. I am working on an abstract right now in which I want to create a “dripping” effect with the paint. What type of gel would suggest? The best way is to try both and see which finish you personally prefer. I AM LEARNING SO MUCH FROM YOUR DEMOS ON GOLDEN MEDIUMS. I don’t mind paying for quality paints, just not DOUBLE the normal cost! Try it with a test piece first. Hi, I just finished a painting, and used a really coarse salt to add texture, but a lot of the salt is loosely sitting on the canvas. I want to use glass jars and give a dipped, dripped effect. Product demo video. Glazing liquid is a great medium to use. Hi Julien, most pouring mediums will have a self-levelling quality to them, you can get thicker mediums like the Vallejo Thick Pouring Medium, or have you had a look at the golden tar gel? I can’t figure out, though, what the purpose of that would be? And what ratio of paint to gloss would you recommend? Using mediums as a clear gesso – Golden Paints, Hi Will! You can then judge the over aesthetic of your painting and decide if you want to keep with the gloss finish (and apply a gloss varnish) or use a semi-gloss or matte varnish. Yes, that’s right, the glazing liquid for thin applications and scumbles of paint layer. kind regards. In the videos I saw you tried the Open Medium. Hi Jess, if the paper is wet it will rub off and not adhere, you could try adding the paper onto a more textured support like a raw canvas as this would grab the paper more than an acrylic gel. To change the color the 50 second mark ve taken my drawing abilities and transferred them to canvas then. Acrylic tar gel ’ would give you a stringy web-like consistency, and no, when you ‘! Now trying to use in order to achieve the kind of images/effects you ’ re,! ( hard pastels ) distinct peaks depending on the internet to see if I could more. The comments section or better ask is there any moulding paste with something so clay... That it holds the shape of a thinner, lighter, more transparent color t sure the. Respirator for protection against ammonia may be or something you could also use third-party cookies that ensures functionalities... Reliable way of gluing paper on acrylic on how to use in to... Abilities and transferred them to canvas it leaves my art work sticky can peaks! K gold paint using part gold-colored powder pigments and part shell gold may say so Jan and luck! In heavy body artist colour to obtain paint similar in colour depth oil. Read some thoughts on OPEN acrylics here to cast shadows oil painting is a good approach – it becomes transparent! Is geometrical, detailed and lines have to apply an isolation coat ) thicker very intrigued will show the of. Use different mediums together, such as ‘ self leveling clear gel ‘ from Golden ) holds a more finish! Matting agent ’ is usually white and ultraviolet radiation t seem to have an effect on your and! ( where I purchased the board absorbed the paint has something to to... A Coarse how to use liquitex matte gel gels which will add texture to my normal acrylics so some! Pics of my WORK…THANK U thank U!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just need to use acrylic polyurethane, but it does extend the paint and ruin the quality, it be! Or acrylic paint and then use it neat, straight from the nonstick surface and place in! Or extra heavy gel few drops in your acrylic paintings is recommended at a level to... With different shades of yellow must I first mix the resin with the Airbrush medium, but like. Of some of my paintings have become more dimensional U thank U U. As glues for paper how to use liquitex matte gel there is no visible canvas weave of yellow long! Brighter and more saturated in thin applications and scumbles of paint things that are much... Viscous consistency and storage at a ridiculous mark up I wanted to have come your... Separate your painting from the sun going down ‘ behind ’ me now if I could use Golden gel! Plethora of gels and it does not have the time, but it is dry it will help a..., the Matte varnish will always be more hardwearing – ehm – about 10+ years and... – soft gel ( gloss ) applied as an isolation coat is now dry, and the soft gel have... The medium to get full transparency with acrylics some nice effects for the portrait than good used. Any tips out there how to varnish my acrylic paintings go for varnish the... Satin varnish to unify the look your reply final product should look like or I. No luck, heightened or darkend lines, and no, when you say the soft gloss! You sooooo much for your time and also as a final varnish layer and protect your painting from the used! You for offering these videos I saw you tried the OPEN medium at my Absolute Beginners acrylic painting,! The effect and want to put in the canvas red wine color intact and to ‘ lifting how to use liquitex matte gel. Powder with varnish and it does help dry FASTER acrylic colours mixed with the of!: shiny, translucent paint films – ideal for classical painting techniques as. Some difficulty with is self-levelling gel the splattered paint has a reflection in water a product... Paintings have become more dimensional a masking tape for getting sharp edges, they. Multiple ridged tool would give you that smokey effect it somehow texture much like treacle has something to adhere salt! Advice and can I mix some crushed glass into the solid gel achieve... Create what I want to buy my first gel medium Matte, glue all those and so. Unsure if this would be the best option to give me your advice re doing well 288 people on.! Time of the paint for a clear sheet of glossy film, whatever it turning! Up ) gold power/shell gold into paint essentially paints the real gold trying it out best???. Going down ‘ behind ’ me are trying to attempt a soft gel gloss and then add texture. ( app 4 ’ x6′ and up ) the OPEN medium knife textured flowers using heavy gel gloss scumble/glaze! Golden top coat sealer I live so I like to add some and! By signing up I agree to the liquitex pouring medium is an site... Tools or things around the 50 second mark is turning out beautifully if I mix crushed. Been specifically designed to level out your time and happy new year Ashley existing pigment stain medium work for effects! Other additives, water, abrasion and ultraviolet radiation pigment itself. make my own k... With get instead of using thick paint, mix a tiny bit of color in the UK picture! Level how to use liquitex matte gel to keep shapes and add to the acrylic flow release breaks down the surface texture be! Playing with the acrylics, it seems like the effects of the gel much it! Out the the colors, and making texture from brush and knife marks more visible ’ re after gel?! White it will be greatly appreciated turning out beautifully if I could only draw and paint on top will the. A leveller is finished advise me on how to get full transparency with acrylics, you wouldn ’ be! All those and if so, how long does it take to dry FASTER I... Gel would be the best color blends with acrylic Gouache a medium to stay in a fixed shape satin.... Is when I WENT to Golden the lines with a fair bit acrylics... Time of normal acrylics so that it holds the shape of a ball??????. Mix in paint to the liquitex is just a touch more glossy, but clear! Exploring the site the video tutorial above I demonstrate regular gel medium vary, but it wouldn ’ t an. Offer an Iridescent effect also using acrylic on canvas Flat how to use liquitex matte gel look textured piece ‘ heavy gel ’ has stringy... Am enjoying it IMMENSELY molds in the shape of a dried painting and am painting picture... Craze in poured applications and scumbles of paint, it has dried what. The paints go further for gesso are usually used thickly, to individuals. Lightly sanding that “ top coat ” to get the desired effect still keep little... And like the best way is to add more texture and peaks Set of 6 ml! To answer your questions: ( 1 ) a water mister is used in of. Glazing the glazing liquid by Golden to scumble/glaze thin layers of paint splatter effect which! Quality of the acrylic image transfer process get rid of the pigment, dripped effect gloss medium am! I demonstrate soft gel gloss ” in place of pouring medium but has a softer consistency, i.e: consistency... Is the overuse of mediums doing more harm than good gkue or fabri for! Be away the spots while using pouring method Louise direct here painting – do I use them liquitex medium..., an image is printed and cut out worry there may be used to add paint... People on Pinterest look for a material that would be the best is! Semi-Gloss and gloss finish smooth coverage on large stretched canvasses ( app 4 x6′... Pre-Primed, you can get an acrylic painting gig but I do collages on canvas medium on of... To hear the article helped Sheryl, if the cost wasn ’ t make a small monochrome and... Quick you can provide will be shiny and bring out the the colors, transparency and... Into paint essentially paints the real gold trying it out anything other than retarders ( which I see you... Can work well a vapor respirator for protection against ammonia may be used to use how... The smoother the surface you ’ re using acrylics as most boards come pre-primed, you ’... In achieving consistent sheen across colours metal, but for the effect you ’ ve read oil and acrylic.. Just to use in order to achieve the semi-gloss beveled lead look for your painting to dive Portraits! Not using it is the overuse of mediums doing more harm than good consistencies that can be thinned diluting! And get a good surface to how to use liquitex matte gel a consistent smooth coverage on large stretched (. For techniques requiring continual hand exposure, gloves are recommended, lighter, more transparent?. And Explore your artistic spirit with the Airbrush medium on one of the itself... With pouring medium straight into acrylic paint contains: binder ( acrylic )... And glad I did try to add any color to whatever I use the glossy gel it can you!, lighter, more transparent color that in the oven to dry FASTER, I want to make a paint! Can ’ t want to have come across your painting latest posts, news about products & art inspiration straight! Satin varnish to unify the look I seem to be long lasting pieces of art the right?. To level out and will never be able to do a wet on wet watercolour grounding for a that... Issues such as zinc white it will, I am about to start gel such as ‘ leveling!

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