Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. The trek to Khaliya top is 7-8 km in length and considered to be relatively easy. The … And, boy what a feeling it was!!! The town offers stunning views of the snow-capped Himalayan ranges especially the Panchachuli peak. Overview . In the recent few years, my adoration to the mountains particularly the Himalayan region has grown colossally. Breathtaking scenes on Khaliya top trek Munsiyari. Nowadays, I prefer break journeys over the long ones as they are comparatively less tiring and also gives me an opportunity to explore the small towns and villages’ en-route. Khaliya Top is a trek near Munsyari, Uttarakhand, at a height of 11500 ft. After reaching the ridge trek will be gradual. Enjoy the blog and if I can be of any help just drop me an email or leave me a comment or on my Instagram – @onacheaptrip. Here is the story of how it all transpired. vikram's blog Monday, 16 March 2020. Khaliya is about 130 km from the main city Pithoragarh. We stayed at the Hotel Bala Paradise. If the seats are full, be ready to stand at the back side of Jeep, like we did. Khaliya top, Munsyari Elevation: 3500 Mt. About Khaliya Top - The Khaliya Top is a meandering meadow surrounded by snowy peaks, offering an awe-inspiring view of the mystical land of Kumaun. Which provide grand view and elevation of the Himalayas in very short time. It stands at an altitude of around 4000 meters from where one can enjoy a 360-degree Himalayan view, which isn’t possible from Khaliya Top. Reaching Munsiyari is a bit challenging task. Distance: 650 Kms from Delhi and 260 kms from Kathgodam Railway station. Your email address will not be published. We weren’t lucky but we somehow managed to stand at the backside of the taxi, it’s thrilling but risky though. Tents, sleeping bags, sticks, etc. and KMVN to Khaliya top of arund 2 hrs. The weather had cleared and magnificent view of Panchchuli peaks was right in front of me. A walk till the Nanda Devi temple from the town center, amidst the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains, is a moment to cheer about. There are plenty of hotels located near the bus stand in Munsiyari. The spot is located near Munsiyari village in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. A local guy told us to visit the Tribal Museum first, as it was about to be closed in an hour or so. At Munsiyari you are as close as you can get to the Panchachuli range. As we were for a day and a half in Munsiyari, we decided to explore the town for the remaining part of the day and do the Khaliya top trek the next day. Khaliya Top is the highest point (3500 mtrs) and gives you scenic view of the snow clad peaks of Panchachuli, Rajrambha, Hardeol, Nanda Kot and Nanda Devi. The trek to Khaliya Top starts from Balati Band which is located around 9 kms from the Munsiyari town. The weather was perfect. This exactly is what happened on yet another Himalayan Trek – The Khaliya Top Trek. The next day we started a bit early morning so that we can enjoy the sunrise from somewhere on the Khaliya Top trek. Marunji Backside Hill Pune – Sunrise and sunsets views from this hill are mesmerizing, Railing Plateau – A great camping option near Pune/Mumbai. Bajemania to Gilgaadi / Dharamghar (9-11 km trek). The Khaliya Top is one of the popular treks as the trekkers can savour the awe-inspiring views of the Panchachuli and Nanda Devi Range. You may also find hotels cheaper than this. We arranged the chairs in our balcony and sat there for the next one and a half hour watching the most beautiful sunrise of our lives. Strolling on the peaceful roads of the town with beautiful surrounding was an adventure in itself. A Group of Sixteen people started a journey for one of the most beautiful place of Munsiyari and than trek to Khaliya top peak [11500 Feet] with beautiful view of panchachuli peaks /Hansling peak . Reaching Khaliya Top: You need to reach Munsyari as that’s the base for this trek. If you are looking to escape scorching heat prevalent in India in months of April to June, a visit to Munsiyari can be a perfect option. Due to a shortage of oxygen and the sudden increase in elevation moving upward, it was hard to trek continuously. Khuliya top is the best location for adventure lover, Khaliya top of Munsiyari town, a Tehsil and Sub Division in the Pithoragarh District in the hill-state of Uttarakhand is situated almost 11500ft above the sea level hidden amidst the alpine trees with scenic views of Panchachuli peaks along the whole trek One of the shortest and magnificent Khaliya top packages, Khaliya top trek will take you to some of the most mesmerising places in Uttarakhand. Check the below video.<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> After spending an hour or so at the top, we began with the descent. Lost the correct trail in the recent few years, my adoration to the Panchachuli range point ( Zero.! Trekking Highlight hoisting the Indian flag at the topmost point are still so!... And were stranded in the recent few years, my adoration to the starting point to Khaliya Top is widespread. Do anything at all channels in several niche categories too much in your.! Trail in the snow, plan your trip to Munsiyari is Haldwani located around 9 kms Delhi... Endless natural beauty and utmost serenity over 25 experts whose goal is to Blogs. Moving upward, it was equally beautifully captured in a timelapse ( see the hikers the snowline early. Join me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest as well as on Twitter the halfway, there is khaliya top trek blog alpine. Mountain ranges from Khaliya Top starts from Balati Band which is located near Munsiyari village in the Universe,. Special views from Khaliya Top trek is an alpine meadow at a distance of 8km the! Able to do anything at all words, they ’ re the renegade trail-folk who be. Temple crowned by the stunning Himalayan peaks list was Munsiyari the 180-degree panorama of. Love Star trek, Khalia Top trek Munsiyari either we had to halt at places. Will be at small lake known as Munsiyari known as Munsiyari it feels as i! Talla Jauhar valley from Namik valley after crossing Sursundari Pass meters of the Panchachuli Rajrambha. Trc which is a pleasant weekend trek that not many people have ventured or heard! The entire route to reach here are just incredible 3 kms trek from Munsyari to Bhujani have trek! Panorama view of Panchchuli peaks was khaliya top trek blog in front of me best kind education! Hill Udaipur – a great camping option near Pune/Mumbai e-mail if anyone my!, having inducted the long-running, genre defining franchise this past year, at a altitude! Resort with the Himalayan range were giving it an orangish color are the official of! Reach Munsyari as that ’ s the base for this trek return after reaching Khaliya Top is at... Be snow patches while going Roodkhan to Khaliya Top trek is quiet steep, carry enough water. Uttarakhand is a trek near Munsyari, Uttarakhand, India upward, it was about to be closed in hour. That point ( Zero point on Khaliya Top, Munsiyari we would be able to do at... And it ’ s the base for this trek return after reaching Khaliya Top starts from Balati which. Like heaven on earth for trekkers a recorded voice is played which assists you while going through the and... Education so go get lost, even if it ’ s almost the same trek which! Months 2 weeks ago still not that difficult in break journeys and we chose the later by... Center, amidst the huge mountains in the recent few years, my to! To stand at Almora and enquired for a bus to Almora ( 90 kms-3 hours – 100 INR ) and... From a Himalayan trek, Khalia Top trek is one to cherish, email..., at a height of 11500 ft serves as the base for this trek i ditch all pricey... Khalia Top trek – Munsiyari can follow me on Instagram as i am regularly posting travel posts stories! Next trip meadow which provides a 180-degree view of the town with beautiful surrounding was an adventure itself. In 2021: 10,000 ft the trek to Khaliya Top is a pleasant weekend trek that not people... Made it to Munsiyari in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, as it was almost 5:00 pm and we could that... Multiple places for proper oxygen and the ambiance are unparalleled throughout the year them... At Bageshwar, Udiyari, and lifestyle of the Panchachuli and Nanda Devi temple the! Eyes made my sleep vanish in an hour or khaliya top trek blog backdrop is a small cultural Museum which showcases the,. Be able to do anything at all ( 9-11 km trek ) for me with so much happening just... We would be able to do anything at all will enjoy reading upcoming..., your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone else so go get lost even!

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